• 1100 Medford St, Units 20-22, Ottawa ON K1Z 8L5
Food Security Programs
Food Bank:
(see map for food bank catchment area) An average of 125 boxes of healthy food, baby supplies, and personal care items are provided each day, 5 days a week from Tuesday to Saturday. Delivery service is available for those unable to travel to the Family Centre.
Meal Program
Between 350 and 500 healthy breakfast and lunches are provided each weekday. Off-site meals are also provided.
After School Snacks
During the school year healthy snacks are provided to kids in our After School Program, as well as to those taking part in other programs run by our community partners in the area. Much of the food provided requires the kids to get involved by chopping the fresh fruit and vegetables, which helps equip them to make to only meals in the future.
Cooking Workshop and Community Kitchens
When you live on a low-income, learning to cook healthy meals is a must. The Cooking Workshops provide lessons, and the Community Kitchens provide opportunity for participants to share their own recipes. Both programs also provide opportunity for participants to make enough food to take home to their families.
Baby Supplies
Baby food, diapers, wipes, and other supplies needed for ages newborn to 3 years are provided to parents in need.
Children and Youth Programs
After School Programs
Homework help, crafts, games, physical activities, and FUN are all including in the After School Programs. Special day-long programs are planned for PD Days and March Break that include STEM activities, field trips to museums, and cooking classes.
School Supplies
If you a parent or grandparent you know that back-to-school can be a very expensive time of the year. We provide backpacks with school supplies and shoes for kids attending kindergarten to grade 8. We also provide Chromebooks as needed, so kids can keep up with their studies at home.
Summer Day Camp
It is our policy the children come first in the summer camps which are offered free of charge to low-income families. Two cohorts are held; one for ages 6 to 8 and the other for ages 9 to 12, with each child taking part for two weeks.
Clothing Programs
Clothing Depot
Lovingly called ‘The Boutique’, customers can purchase clothing, toys and household items at deeply discounted prices. This social enterprise provides opportunity for youth to gain work experience and Newcomers to receive Canada reference to help secure gainful employment. It also helps to fund the Clothing Assistance Program.
Clothing Assistance and Footwear4Kids
Low-income families are referred by other social service organizations to receive free clothing, footwear, and household items. These include women and children fleeing abuse; those living rough on the streets; and families who have experienced a fire in their household.
Employment Readiness Programs
Sewing Program
Participants learn to sew to gain employment, or open their own sewing/mending business from home. Help in creating resumes, searching and applying for jobs on-line, and participating in a job interview is also provided.
Computer Basics
Participants learn the basics of typical office software, and well as how to apply for jobs on-line.
Retail Training
One-on-one training on a cash register and retail display, is provided at the Clothing Depot.
Computer Café
Computers and Internet are expensive, but are necessary to our lives as there is no such thing as a phonebook anymore. The Computer Café offers free access to computers, internet, and printing.
Drop-In Centre
The Drop-In provides a safe and welcoming place for anyone seeking companionship and social interaction to alleviate isolation. It also provides opportunity for us to provide information and support to those who need help with addiction, housing, or finding educational/training courses.
My Little Library
Working in partnership with community groups in the Caldwell area, we provide books for a Little Library where people can take-a-book and leave-a-book. Children’s books are especially popular.